About this site:

My name is Ivon Olubunmi.  I am here to help people Embrace their Cultural Love by bringing the Old World into the New World with Eco Handcrafted Jewelry and to Unite us with the Sacred Rhythms of the Earth…   I’ll share with you not only how these pieces are made, but also how to honor being Culturally Delicious.  We can remember the past while keeping our modern selves.

About me:

I am born and raised in Venezuela and live in New York City.  I follow my Latino roots and embrace Western African culture.  I’m a proud wife and mother with very active boys (yes they are very active!)

About my crafting:

I have been crocheting since I was a teenager.  I learned to knit about 6 years ago, and after many gifts and requests for handmade things, I began this site in 2010 and Olubunmi Creations was born.  Soon after as a pastime I began to make some jewelry, and then I realized that jewelry can bring so much out of a person, and especially a Cultural Love – so I decided that my time would be best spent making jewelry, and only reserve my knitting needles as a relaxation venue.

About my jewelry:

I make cultural jewelry and use a lot of natural materials; semi-precious stones, glass, wood, bone and metals.  I live with the strong belief that natural materials, like stones, wood, shells, etc., and where they come from exude energy and we can tap into that energy.  Natural materials also pay homage to many cultural ancestries and I love to make things that remind me of my cultural connection to the universe and to the past.

My entrepreneurial manifesto:

I hope to connect with other cultural people who share the love for beautiful cultural pieces. I want more than just to make jewelry; I would like to connect with others who are going through their cultural journey and provide a great escape from everyday life into a cultural haven.

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I’ve been asked several times about the name Olubunmi, so I will answer some questions here.
Q – How do you pronounce Olubunmi?

A- It is pronounced Oh-loo-boon-me.

Q – How did you come up with such a name?

A – I follow the Yoruba culture (from West Africa) and when you go through a rite of passage, you are given a new name.  The first name chosen for me was Olubunmi.

Q – What does Olubunmi mean?

A.  It means Gift from God.


Thank you so much for reading this blog and many blessings to you!