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My name is Omileti Olubunmi – Founder and Creative Artisan of Olubunmi Creations.  

About just me: As a busy mom working through life’s journey while juggling spirituality, work, kids activities, and every other thing that life throws, I found that wearing accessories that resonate with my beliefs, passions and values – helped to keep me grounded and made me feel happy, and I’m inspired to do the same for others.



My obsession with jewelry began in elementary school. Due to religious beliefs of my parents, I couldn’t wear any jewelry, but that didn’t mean that I couldn’t admire it

I loved to see the glitter in my friends’ eyes when they talked about this special necklace, ring, or bracelet and what it meant to them. 

When I was in High School, I was developing my identity, and what went with it?  Jewelry of course!

I remember that mood jewelry with funky designs resonated with my ever changing teenage mood.  There was a single necklace that I wore pretty much all throughout High School, and I felt that it gave me strength through tough situations, a break-up, or because ‘he didn’t like me’, getting in trouble in school and with mom and dad.  This piece was a part of me, and I found it comforting.


Fast forward to now — Jewelry Inspiration

We all have life happening around us.  It comes with ups and downs.  My goal is to make jewelry that will motivate, uplift, and raise spiritual and energetic vibrations to allow us to be a better part of us each day.  Imagine! You not only get to wear something that looks beautiful, but that also serves a higher purpose!


More about my jewelry:

I just love Natural Materials — if it’s from the Earth… bring it on!

I strongly believe that using natural materials work to align with the rhythms of Earth.  Natural materials also pay homage to many cultural ancestries and I love to make pieces that provide a cultural connection to Ancestors and the Universe around us. 

I believe that there is Ase (power) in words.  Using words can begin a vibration which can either harm or bless… and using positive words can steer energy to a more progressive realm.


I’ve been asked several times about the name Olubunmi, so I will answer some questions here.
Q – How do you pronounce Olubunmi?

A- It is pronounced Oh-loo-boon-me.

Q – How did you come up with such a name?

A – I follow the Yoruba culture (from West Africa) and when you go through a rite of passage, you are given a new name.  The first name chosen for me was Olubunmi.

Q – What does Olubunmi mean?

A.  It means Gift from God.


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