Art Making Videos on YouTube?

It’s been a bit of a colorful set of weeks on my end. I’ve been on a Creative Whirlwind, and some folks have messaged me with ‘Hey, where’ve you been?’ OR ‘Are you alive?’….

YES! I am alive….. just busy learning a new skill and honing in on the ones that I have. Where will that lead? Actually I have NO IDEA…. however I am truly having a great time right now, and I’m off my regular schedules… and still creating constantly….

What is this post about? I decided to create a video on YouTube... so that you can see what I’m in my secret lab doing…. Check it out!

After watching so many videos…. I decided to post something that I actually do….  With Father’s day this year…. I thought that it would be fun to share with you how I create something for my husband.  This video is made freehand, and yes it’s sped up…. because could you imagine it on real time?  It would be way too long…. Yikes…. 

Did you like it?  Let me know either on the comments below OR on the comments on YouTube.   I do read them all.  

Thanks for checking it out! 

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