At La Casa Azul

My good friend Grace owner of RebelOrisha invited me to showcase our handcrafted works at La Casa Azul today. We had a blast. We set up our table and it came out great!

We met some fantastic artists. Check out these handmade Mexican infused pieces of art created by XospaTronik.
She makes these gorgeous Baby Tamales that are adorable. Check her out at click here for her link.

I also fell in love with these beautifully decorated boxes, mirrors and paper mache mermaids of Diana Campos.

She is so lovely to chat with and she loves her craft. Check her out at Click here for her link in Facebook

Here’s another artist that I fell in love with. Her art is put on jewelry, tiny books that can hang around your neck, cards and printing of her art… Click here for Tanya Torres’ link. Just fantastic to meet great artists!

There was a paper artist there, Evelyn Suero of Evelyn’s Creations & Events, which had a different array of cards, bookmarks, jewelry and other curious things. Look at this great key…

Remember to always support your fellow artists, as they help to also keep your community thriving.

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