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Immersed in Color

Do you remember that 90’s show… ‘In Living Color?’. I know, I know… I’m showing my age a bit…. but the name is what I’m focusing on right now. Lately, all I’ve been doing is thinking about color, dreaming about color, and not sleeping because I’m thinking about color some …


Stick it where?

It’s been a hot holiday weekend. There was a closing of the pool for a day, and a smaller closing the next …


Orisa Traditions Fun is HERE!

It took a while to get this up… Who knows why? Scared that it was too ‘kiddie’… or maybe the design wasn’t …


Embracing Ofo Ase

I keep saying this… I’m not MIA — but really… I am not missing.  I’ve been quite involved with Orisha Wisdom…. so …


→ September 21, 2017

Hello and thank you for visiting my page.  Have you visited our Facebook page recently?  I’ve been working super hard in creating …


The Birth of Positive Vibes

Blah or Positive I’ve added a new section to this blog which I hope that you will enjoy!  It is called Positive …