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Speed Calligraphy on YouTube

Art Making Videos on YouTube?

It’s been a bit of a colorful set of weeks on my end. I’ve been on a Creative Whirlwind, and some folks have messaged me with ‘Hey, where’ve you been?’ OR ‘Are you alive?’…. YES! I am alive….. just busy learning a new skill and honing in on the ones …


Immersed in Color

Do you remember that 90’s show… ‘In Living Color?’. I know, I know… I’m showing my age a bit…. but the name …


Stick it where?

It’s been a hot holiday weekend. There was a closing of the pool for a day, and a smaller closing the next …


Orisa Traditions Fun is HERE!

It took a while to get this up… Who knows why? Scared that it was too ‘kiddie’… or maybe the design wasn’t …


Embracing Ofo Ase

I keep saying this… I’m not MIA — but really… I am not missing.  I’ve been quite involved with Orisha Wisdom…. so …


→ September 21, 2017

Hello and thank you for visiting my page.  Have you visited our Facebook page recently?  I’ve been working super hard in creating …