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The Handmade Art

The creation process is amazing. It comes from an idea, to complete execution on how a single piece of art is made.

At La Casa Azul

My good friend Grace owner of RebelOrisha invited me to showcase our handcrafted works at La Casa Azul today. We had a …


Yemaya Festival 2013

Yesterday was the Yemaya Festival in New York City at Rockaway Beach. It was the perfect way to end the summer. It …


Oshun Necklace Re-constructed

I love it when things go right! It feels good, and then sometimes things go wrong. What happens when things go wrong? …


Wiry Beady Dreams

Here is a fun little story for you.  One night I am happily in dream land.  Dreamland is supposed to be a …


Office Secret Santa 2011

There was gift giving at the office, and I toiled with what to buy, what to get, what will she like? Then …