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Winter hats and Scarves

Detailed description of winter hats and scarves.

Toddler blue knit hat

This wonderful loom knit childrens hat is super warm.  This hat is made with an acrylic blend yarn which is very soft …


White Bunmi Bucket Hat

This gorgeous white bucket hat was crotchet with a very delicious yarn 50% angora and 50% cotton yarn.  The quality of this …


Forest Hoodie Hat & Scarf

Did you see the movie The Golden Compas?  I fell in love with Lyra’s hat, and here is my rendition of the …


Red Fiery Practical hat

I love a hat that can be worn more than one way.  It makes it practical and adds more beauty to it.  …


Fiery Red Ruffled Hat

This wonderful Fiery red ruffled hat was crochet with lots of love with a yummy yarn that is a mix of cotton …