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The Handmade Art, Page 2

The creation process is amazing. It comes from an idea, to complete execution on how a single piece of art is made.

Keep on clackin’

It is Labor Day weekend, and what have I been up to?  No it hasn’t been barbequeing.  It has not been at …


Knitting Trade Part 3

I am so happy to not only having finished the hat, but to have received the socks!  I have been waiting for …


Knitting Trade Part 2

Remember the post about the trade in work?  Click here for the original post.  I received word that my socks are finished, …


Knitting Trade (part 1)

I am very excited to bring part one of this journey to all of you. If you knit, then you are used …


March Flowers bring Spring Joy

I think that my creativity is really affected by the weather.  We have had a few sparks of warm weather here and …


Olubunmi Creations on Etsy

We are so happy to announce that Olubunmi Creations has begun a shop at Etsy.  The shop will primarily promote handmade accessories …


Warm me up hat

It is still very very cold.  And we have been having fluctuating temperatures.  From leaving the house at 5 degrees, to ice …