Creative Juices Flowing for Bracelets

Summer is pretty much over.  Does that mean that we slow down?  Of course it doesn’t?  What does it mean?  Well it means that I have much more to work on and create.  I also help others by repairing their jewelry, and someone requested a repaired bracelet.  I thought ‘hmm… this is a perfect time to design one…’.  And thus began my journey of creating new styles of bracelets for my line and Etsy Store. I began tinkering to make an elegant unisex design which can be worn day in and day out.
Here’s a picture of one of the first designs.


Then I was a bit torn on which clasp to go with. I like toggles a lot as they are classy and can be worn by men and women. Then this happened.I  100_3953 100_3951 honestly don’t know how anyone can put them on by themselves but some people love them for harder bracelets and bangles. I do like the toggles but for more fluid or flexible bracelets. Once I find a picture, I will post it.

There is the lobster Claw clasp. It’s very common in making jewelry and I like them but I find them a little tough for bracelets due to – – – yes, you guessed it the whole putting them on.  They are a very efficient clasp, but I don’t like them all the time.

What was I to do?  What any artist would do in my position of course.  Make my own.  I practiced this type of clasp.  Here is a picture of the practice one


Now the design was complete and this is what we have.

They are now available in my Etsy Store.  Look for them in the Wrists Section.

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