Crocheting in the Train!

I am thinking of the music to Singing in the Rain, with the change of ‘Crocheting in the train’.  There is something wonderful about doing what you love at the same time as you are using mass transit.  It is interesting to observe people’s faces while they are going to their destinations.  In New York City, you will find that mostly people have a mean look on their faces (I didn’t say that they are mean, just that they have a mean look about them.)  They are either very concentrated in their thoughts, into their music, talking to someone or just looking mean.  What I did this morning was crotchet my heart away on a new design that is being made for someone.  And the inevitable happened; someone asked me what I was making. 

As I love talking to people, this is always a welcome change vs. people looking mean on the trains!  (I repeat, I did not say that people in NYC are mean.  Actually if you talk to one of them you can see their entire demeanor change and smile as they respond to you.  Test this one out!)  Anyhow, she also crotchets, and we struck to a wonderful conversation about the interest design that is on the way.  She tells me that she finds crocheting much faster and easier, but that she loves the look of a knit (with the two needles) garments.  She tells me about her crocheting hats and blankets.   

Regarding the designed hat:  The challenge with the creative person is keeping up with all of the ideas.  Since this hat is on order, I promise to post a picture and its story as soon as it is done. 

I was moved to put this on my blog for one big reason.


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