Dear Olubunmi Creations Newsletter Reader…

From the HeartHow do I begin this letter?  I guess that I begin this one from the heart.  First of all, I would like to say Thank you.  When I started Olubunmi Creations four years ago… I just wanted a place to show off the wonderful knits and crochet things that I was making.  I wanted someone to say ‘that’s nice, how did you do that?’  Soon after that, I opened up my Etsy store, with the hopes that someone would just buy one thing.  Just one, and say ‘that’s cute’.  What ended up happening is that my blog became something a bit more for me.  Not because of me, not because of any knit scarf, crocheted hat, or pair of earrings – but because of you.

I cannot begin to describe the feeling that I got when I received my first comment on my blog.  I did jump up and down and probably looked very childish, but I felt giddy all over.  Someone thought that what I put out there to the cyber universe was worthy of their comment!  Someone thought it, and someone said so… right there… on the blog!  Writing on my blog

I kept on writing, but as I kept writing, I got so much more, from you.  I may have written the process of making mittens because it was cold, or the making of a skirt because I needed a maternity skirt and I got emails of encouragement.  It was getting cold that season, but emails like that just warmed my heart.  I not only wore the mittens because I was cold, but I wore them with a sense of pride that many of you thought it was worthy of your comments, your likes and your time.

I kept on writing, and you gave me something else, and that is confidence.  It is tough putting yourself and your work out there for the world to see.  I can only describe it as speaking in public for the first time.  You feel so vulnerable to the world and you look around to see one (just one) friendly face to encourage you to say what you came to say.  That is the strength that you have given to me; the strength to do one more thing; the courage to try one new design.  The umph to meet some hurdles, and try things that I probably wouldn’t have been able to do on my own.

I’ve always wanted to be able to give back, and through a message and a comment I was able to do several things to give back to the community.  How wonderful is that?  Remember when you were a child?  You thought that you could be a fairy princess or a super-hero (or like in my case) both?  I thought that I was really Wonder woman’s daughter or something lol.  Remember when as kids we were going to change the world?  Somewhere along the way, life took over and we worried about going to work, doing our jobs, and taking care of life’s stuff.   We sort of forgot that we can make a difference, even if just a little bit at a time.  I was able to support a few charities through your support, through your word of mouth, and through your caring.  I cannot tell you just how much that means to me.  We can help each other

It touched me deeply and fiercely the messages and emails that I received when I put my Diabetes diagnosis out there, and that I’d donate a percentage of what I made towards the American Diabetes Association march earlier this month.  I donated proudly the night before, and it felt good.  Not only did it feel good because it is a good cause, but because, my diagnosis wasn’t the horrible secret in the attic anymore, but because I get support from many of you, who tell me their stories and encourage me to keep going.  I thought about that post long and hard before hitting the publish button, and I felt almost naked because my sickness was out there for the world to see.  So, dear wonderful you…. Thank you so much for that.

My dear lovely you, I wholeheartedly thank you for zapping me with inspiration.  Sometimes, when I don’t have it, and I wonder… ‘why am I doing this?  Is anyone really reading these words?’ – It’s like if by magic the universe hears me and sends me one of you with a ‘Like’, with a message, and with a beaming light which shines through the entire cyber world and connects with me.  It’s like, after a hard day’s work, and the toys are on the floor, the stained mirrors, and the dirty dishes… all are singing unicorns and I get the strength to finish what I had to finish.  It gives me that light to create something new.  That in itself is priceless!  As I write this, I think of many times that I posted something and waited to see ‘will they like it?  Will they read it?  Is it worthy?’  And then, I get one of you, that gives me that luv that any creative soul needs.

Being out here in the big cyber blogging world can be uncomfortable.  Yes it can.  It can be lonely, if no one looks a little closer to see your words, your work, and in turn – your soul, it can be very, very hard.  So, this letter is for you, because these four years, you have given me more than what I hoped for.  You have given me your very valuable time, your feedback, your words; and basically you have given a piece of you.

I thank you so very deeply, and it is my wish that for the blessings that you have given to me… that the universe multiplies them to you. I wish that the universe gives you the creativity to go through life in a cultural splendor, with fierceness, uniqueness, boldness, acceptance and love.  Because the laws of the universe say that what you give out comes back to you…. So I am sure that it will.  wholehearted3

With much love,

Ivon Olubunmi


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