DIY Maternity Skirt

So you are pregnant? And you are frugal? Then you might be in the same boat that I am. Pregnant and Frugal! I think that with a little bit of creativity, one can do wonders. And why not. I purchased a book about skirts not too long ago, and I like the way that A Line Skirts look and fit on me. I decided that if I make it, I can tweak it a bit and make it really mine. Now I am in my third trimester and I still only have one maternity dress (that I will probbably wear every week until I deliver — just because I love it.) So I think that it’s about time that I make things for myself that I like and can fit me properly. All that I needed was some fabric, a good pattern, elastic, and a tank top. I also added a trim, but that is very optional.

I went to the fabric store last year hoping to make myself some fall skirts and have delayed that creative work. I pulled out a beautiful yellow fabric, and took a blank stretchy tank top and began to work.

These pictures are to show the making of the skirt. I will post pictures of the finished skirt in a later post (or add it here). I have worn the skirt several times, and I haven’t taken any pictures. (I can’t believe I haven’t done it, but I do love my skirt!).

I made myself a pattern out of brown packing paper that I purchased at the local Office Depot. I find that it is very sturdy and it lasts much longer than pattern paper. We have to also count that it is much cheaper.

Once that you have measured once and twice, it is time for the cutting. I decided to cut the full pattern instead of doing the folds. Next time I will pin it and cut it. I find it easier to trace the pattern to the fabric and then cut, or if not the cuts become a bit jaggedy. (Not fun while cutting).

I cut two panels, front and back. If you have a pattern for multiple panels, I don’t see how that wouldn’t work either. 🙂 I just wanted something easy. Next I got a stretchy black tank top. I cut in a straight line right under the bust. I also cut a little on the sides so that it would be snug on my belly, but still room enough for more belly to grow.

I took out my trusty Brother sewing machine, and began to sew the sides first.

I sewed elastic at the same time with the tank top, and then a cute trim at the bottom. It is a very comfy skirt which now fits my growing belly. I will be sure to post pictures the next time I wear it.

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