Finding Cultural Deliciousness — In the Fall

Moving to another state was stressful.  Who am I kidding?  moving to anywhere is stressful.  I don’t get to walk to everywhere, and have to drive everywhere (not complaining, I love to drive!).  The feel of the south is very different different to New York City.  (Maybe I’ll make that another post).

However, since we are still in the fun of unpacking (hey, I don’t have the time to constantly unpack), and I get to choose and design my new work space.  (Yes, I’m working on a new work-space to design and make jewelry.  This cannot be done until all boxes are unpacked and stuff (I know, oodles of joy).   I was driving to work one morning and while listening to music – which is not usually like me as I usually listen to books on my way to work… It hit me.

Inspiration hits:  Fall’s beauty is something that is picturesque, beautiful, ethnic, peaceful, and all those gushy Fall feelings that one gets in the middle of the fall.  Driving down a winding road, I saw many trees – super tall trees, and their leaves’ colors are changing.  So, in one strip, I saw green trees, orange, red, yellow, and a mix of all of these.  It was really beautiful.

wpid-wp-1446126446720.jpg wpid-wp-1446126361505.jpg wpid-wp-1446126316547.jpg

Normally in New York, I would leave the house, and see the sparing trees downstairs, and run to the train station.  If I had a few more minutes (which hardly ever happened), I would walk by Central Park on the West side, and would see the trees changing, but frankly… my life rhythm in New York City was a sea of grey (asphalt, and trains, buses, and don’t forget the yellow cabs, and a bunch of people).  busy-street-nyc-2010Don’t get me wrong, there are trees in NY, but nothing like down here.  It’s like… this area is covered in green… and now.  My juices began to flow.

If you’ve been following me on Facebook (which I highly suggest hee hee), you’ll see that I recently purchased some green and yellow semi precious stones, and now, I’m so inspired, that I want to mix it with browns, and other metals to see what comes out of it.


I find that nature gives us so much inspiration all the time, to uplift our moods, and also to beautify us.  Since, I am striving to live a Culturally Delicious life, then this is for me!

QuestionDo you wear Fall colors in your jewelry?  Why or why not?  Do you hang on to Summer colors even past the season?  (I’m so guilty of this, and I will not apologize :))  What is your trend during the different seasons?  Let me know your thoughts below, and of course, let’s finish this on the FaceBook page as well…

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