Flowerful in the Big Apple

What does the warm weather mean to you?  Does it mean, less clothes and putting your coat into the back of the closet?  Does the sun make you smile a little bit more?

The seasons are amazing and they do wonders for the personal moods, and I am not surprised on how they affect emotions, moods, etc.

Warm weather means to me…. Being out and about, enjoying Mother Nature with my family, and yes… you know it… Riding my Bike!

Yes, I knit, and do many other creative things… but I also like to enjoy life.

Check what I came across on one of my commutes.

The day was warm, but still had a breeze.  It was sunny, and the city was alive.  There were all kinds of people on the street, and funny enough… As I was passing through Central Park, it was like everyone gravitated towards the flowers and trust me when I tell you that I wasn’t the only one taking pictures.  After such a long winter, I was so glad to be out there and enjoying what Mama Earth has to offer to all of us.

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