Get involved and promote domestic peace! Give-Away Progress



We are close to the end of October, and by no way does it mean  that we are forgetting that this is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In promoting Domestic Peace we must also have resources available to  those in needs. We have to keep our eyes and ears open for the hidden behaviors  that we might overlook and thinking of it as ‘nothing’, and truly bring back  the days of everyone helping each other.

If you want to get involved, there is a great organization called The Joyful Heart Foundation. You can  also Like their Facebook Fan  page and keep involved. This is great to do more than once a year, as  abuse happens every day of the year.

Here are pictures of the handmade give-away in progress. I am  making a gorgeous and super soft hat that is perfect for this type of crisp  fall weather. I am still indecisive on whether making the brim a little bigger,  but frankly I like that it will keep on your head nice and snug in its yummy  softness. Would you like a chance to win it for yourself or as a gift for  someone? Like my Facebook page to be  entered in the chance to win it and remember, spread the word of Domestic  Peace.


Good luck on your entry. These hands are made for crocheting and  not for violence. What are  your hands for?

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