Give-Away for Domestic Peace Begins

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and the color to display is purple.  Through the Facebook pages we have a current give-away for a lucky winner.  All you have to do is to become a fan of my page as well as Earth & Soul’s Facebook pages.

Domestic Violence affects many people, and is one of the standing silent social issues in many parts of the world.  Some families and people encourage negative and violent behavior towards their spouses, and many raise their children in the same manner.  Domestic Violence demeans the main victim as well as it negatively affects the family and friends and community.  Low self-esteem, drug and
alcohol abuse, suicide, and many other factors come into play.  There is NEVER an excuse for this type of behavior.  If we unite as a community and make sure that the message is clear – THIS BEHAVIOR IS NOT ACCEPTED OR TOLERATED.  If someone you know comes to you with an issue, please do three things.

  1. Listen – Believe me, this will be the start of thehealing process.
  2. Provide Support – Whether it is money, food, medicine or a place to stay for a few days.
  3. Get help – There are many organizations which will help a person in this type of situation.

The entire message is clear.  Let’s be aware, and be a positive part of our community by supporting each other, and not this terrible behavior.

Remember the give-away? Below you will find the beginning of a hat which is hand crochet.  This hat is made with super soft and yummy yarn (if this yarn was food, I would eat it).  It is half silk and half merino wool.  It comes in gorgeous hues of purple.  It will be part of the give-away for a lucky winner.


Good luck and don’t forget to enter by becoming a fan!  Remember these hands are made for Creating!  Lets spread the message of Domestic Peace.

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