Green Thoughts

Green Thoughts.

As you know, I love to ride everywhere on my bicycle.  Last week, I rode on the Central Park loop.  It is car free and I don’t have to deal with pedestrians who have a death wish, or cabs who want to give me a death wish.  I have a pair of old cycling glasses that have an amber hue.  I like them because they  change and in some cases enhance certain colors.  I decided to ride inside the Central Park loop today in order to avoid the insane traffic and smog  inhalation that are a direct result from riding in the NYC streets. 

As I was riding by one of the big lakes and the colors look so vivid, that it gave me a gust of Knitspiration!  The colors of fall were so distorted but amazing through those lenses that I would like to share that with you all.   I promise to share pictures of the created knitspired work as soon as it is completed!

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