Happy New Year 2011!

Happy New Year to everyone!

I am so glad to post again, as the holidays provide two wonderful things. 

  1.  Time with Family and friends.
  2. Orders and more orders

What can we expect this year from Olubunmi Creations?  This year we can expect to have more connections with you.  We are always looking to connect with folks who love to do crafts, folks who want to learn, and of course people who love the Yarn Art and want to purchase them to make them as part of their family, or for gifts.

I have thinking of what to make these upcoming weeks, and I am feeling very much into headbands.  I think that they are so versatile, and easy to store and carry.  They are addictive.  I made one for myself, and I already have my mind’s eye creating another one in another set of colors for myself.  They can be for men, women and children.  I just love that!  Everyone can have them!  I will be posting some of them very soon on the site. Some have found great homes, and I will be getting happy Yarn Art owners soon enough. 

There are other fun things in the works, which I will reveal soon enough. 

Olubunmi Creations promises to give a year full of Yarn Art and many other crafts.  Working with one’s own hands is rewarding in many ways.  Not only do you see the rewards of your labor, but it is even more rewarding when it gets recognized by others.    

Lets have a wonderful year together.  A BIG THANK YOU for those who have sent me wonderful emails this past year.  I wish to continue to receive your wonderful emails, and getting to know and share with you!

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