Holiday Gifts & Time Management

The holidays are very much here, and guess what.  There is always someone that you want to either make something for someone or to buy something for someone.  If you are one of those people who purchased everything already… then that is just wonderful for you!  Many of us are very jealous!

Then there are the rest of us that wait until the absolute last minute to get everything for everyone.  Can it be done?  Of course… but some planning will have to be put into effect.  Here are some tips that may be able to help you.

–  Write the list of names for gift giving – It is much easier to see in paper to get a sense of who when it is right in front of you.

–  How much $$ – Write the amount of money that you would like to spend next to each name.  This will give you a realistic view of what you are trying to accomplish.  I am sure that by now you have a budget idea of how much you are trying to spend.  (Please please please try not to use your credit cards for gift purchases.  In this economy we have to use only what we have.) 

–  Sort your list – Spouse, parents, siblings, in-laws, children, etc. 

–  Print / re-write lists – Print out or rewrite sorted lists so that you can now go shopping with the frame of mind for each group. 

–  Find your gifts – If you are going to make the gifts, you have to figure out how much time it will take you to make what gift.  I am hoping that you are using materials that you already have in your home.  If not, then lets use what we currently have.  If you go online, then you can search by (for example, children’s gifts under $20) and as the lists are more defined, you can pick more than one gift at a time and tackle the groups on your list at a faster rate.  The same will hold true if you go to a physical store or mall.  As you shop for an item, this will give you the mental highlighter that it is within your budget, and you can find things for each of the category groups while you shop.

–  Use your handy dandy Pen or Marker – make sure that as you purchase an item, check off each person from your list so that you do not purchase more than once for the same person, and also so that you can keep in mind who else is missing from the list.

–  KEEP ONLY ONE LIST – I cannot stress this one enough.  You can miss someone, or purchase twice for the same person. 

Other quick tips – when shopping online last minute, try to go to big online places for multiple people so that you can save on shipping charges.  Good places are ; and of course

Another quick tip is if you are in a real crunch, remember that you can give online gifts that arrive the same day like Amazon gift cards, or even iTunes gifts. 

All in all, the holidays are a time to be with family and to spend together.  It’s not about the biggest and most expensive gift.  It is about keeping that magic alive that makes the holidays so special.  We can always create wonderful traditions that will be remembered for generations!

<< Still holiday prepping, so let me continue with the knitting and crocheting for now.

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