Holidays mean to me…

The holiday season is here, and I know that I’ve been working furiously to complete custom orders and also working with my creative left brain to create new things.  It is good to stop for a moment and think…. What does it mean really?

Does it mean that you are actually going to get or buy everything on your Holiday Shopping / Wish List?

Does it mean getting up early for sales?

Does it mean ‘my kid wont love me if I don’t by him/her the ‘latest toy’?

bratty kids

Perhaps the Holidays mean something else….

I’m not going to give you a shpeal on family, etc… because that should be a given.  However in this fast paced world we must stop to think about what we are really trying to accomplish during the holiday season.

Do you have health?  Maybe it’s time to be thankful that you have health to spend your time another holiday season with the people that you love.

Do you have a job?  It is time to be thankful, as many others don’t have any job prospects right now.

Do you have children?  Yes, sometimes you want to send them packin’ to Grandma’s house, but they are beautiful, and you know that as hectic as life is… they make the holidays fun.

Are you single?  It may be a good time to reassess on how wonderful you are, plan your holidays with loved ones and really be happy with the wonderful ‘You”.

Are you married?  Marriages are like roller coasters sometimes, there are ups and downs; however doing everyday’s tasks with someone can be such a rewarding situation.  When spending the holidays with that someone, thank them… because life is short.

What will you remember about the holidays?  The holidays is more about creating memories for years to come.  Even now I remember stories that I’ve been told over the years, and also remember experiences that will forever remain engraved in my mind.  I will leave you with one of those stories.

But before I do…. think for a moment and finish the following sentences…

  1. The holidays mean to me……………………………….
  2. My fondest memory on the holidays growing up is ……………………………………….
  3. One tradition that I want my children (future children) on holiday season is ………………………………………………………..

Now… to the story.

I don’t remember this happening since I was very little; however my mother never lets me forget it.  When I was very little my parents were very fond of the Christmas decorations, candles, lights, wreaths, angels, cookies, cakes, big Christmas tree, with lights, tinsel, and all the goodies that hand on it, as well as all the goodies that are below it (love those presents).  My parents had something to do, and asked someone very close to my family to watch me.  She was like my grandmother, and that is how I addressed her.  All was quiet in the house, and there was no sound not even from a mouse… when she discovered that I was gone.  She called out to me once………….. No answer.   She called out to me again… No answer yet again.  She went to my bedroom, and nope… No Ivon in there.  She went to my parent’s bedroom in case that I was playing with my mom’s powder for the face again… and… nope… no Ivon there either.  She kept calling out for me.. and no answer.  She went to the bathroom… and no little girl there either.  She started to panic, and was crying at this time.  She thought I might have fell down the garbage chute, she opened up (we lived in a 5th floor), and she called out to me from there…. no answer.  She was about to call my mother, as she had somehow lost my parent’s little girl and she didn’t know how it happened.

Being that she was a very Christian woman, she fell to her knees and started to pray and hope that I was safe, and that by some miracle I would be alive and well.  She went to the living room and called out for me again and hoped, and cried and prayed some more.  As she was on her knees… she noticed something… Under the tree, in the back of the presents, although it was still under there… there were two lightbulbs… almost staring back at her.  She looked again and called out to me… and nope.. no answer.  She looked again.. and when the lights did another round of their lighting effects she noticed that the two bulbs were my eyes staring back at her.  Apparently, I wanted to eat one of the orange looking ornaments and was gnawing at it quietly.  She kept calling but I wouldn’t answer… I was too busy with the orange looking ornament.  She thanked Jesus who knows how many times, and pulled me out from my feet…. She hugged and kissed me and (I’m sure she wanted to wring my neck at the same time).  I’m thankful that she didn’t give up, I’m thankful to have these stories to tell my children, and all of you.  I’m thankful for the holiday season.  No matter how you celebrate it… know that it is all about the joys that you will help to bring now and for times to come.

orange ornament

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