I Am No Longer Satisfied with ‘Good Enough’, and the Top 5 of What I’m Doing About It

I find that it is easy to just let life drift you by and dictate to you where you are going to go.  I was always taught to be a good girl, do not ruffle any feathers, just blend in, and look but don’t speak, and my favorite – just be happy with what you got.  I don’t know about you, but that is all pretty and nice, but only when required.  Some of my goals are to be Big, to be Bold and to be ME.    These are short worded goals, but oh so big.  So here is what I am doing about it.  You are You

It is easy to try to fit into a mold or someone else’s pattern, really.  It is tough when you are working very hard to try to make ends meet, and to be happy with life.  I find that happiness is deeply joined with what your mind says and that mind frame dictates a lot of what happens in your life.  Here are some of the things that I’m doing to be Big, Bold and ME.

  1. Positive Affirmations – sounds crazy?  I’ve been going nuts, between work, family, business, and everything else in between.  The change that I’ve been implementing is to listen to a positive affirmation a day.  (Sometimes I do this more than once, shhhh don’t tell anyone.)  It really does help.  Life beats you up.  Your job sometimes beats you up.  Sometimes loved ones beat you up.  Many times we beat ourselves up.  Why not listen to something that actually is created to pick you up?  Here are some of my favorite ones.  meditation-man

    1. I try to hear this meditation every day.

       It is short, and a fantastic pick me up.  Once I hear this, I’m ready to tackle the world.

    2. Want to change your life? Change how your mind works.  Click here.

    3. Want to relax? Try these.

  2. Breaking the MoldBreaking the MoldCall it a bit childish or teenage rebellion, but not everything should fit perfectly. When things fit, even imperfect fits are perfect.  Here are some simple steps that help to remind me that I am Bigger than Life.

    1. Wearing Jewelry out of the norm – Why not? Why should everything that I wear to the office be dainty?  Why should it just be one piece?  Yes, I should show a piece of me all the time.  Just because I am alive, here and ready to be seen by the world.

    2. Wearing a different perfume / scent – Wearing a scent that just speaks to me, speaks volumes to the world. It is okay if you like Chanel No 5, or your favorite big store scent.  However, there are so many creators of scent that could speak to your soul and if you are wrapped in a scent during the day, you just react differently.  (For you ladies, have you ever put on a perfume and mad you feel sexy?  How about a perfume that just made you ‘happy’?)  Well imagine wearing something that just speaks your name.  Currently, my favorite oil is called Black Woman, and that makes me feel Cultural, Powerful, and just Divine.  I tend to walk with my neck a few inches taller when I wear it.

    3. Finding a different way to do the same thing – This is also a mental release. It’s like knowing 200 ways to do one task.  It is exercise for the mind.

  3. Setting Goals and revisiting them often – How many times have you started your year saying ‘this year I’m really going to… (enter your super honest goal that you really truly want to do here). Then, what happens?  By February 15th… or March 15th, that’s it – what goal?  You are not alone. I feel that we all truly want to make these goals come true, and have every intention to make these happen – then— life happens and those goals disappear.  The difference is that this year, I began writing goals and revisiting them.  There are many books that I’ve looked at, and right now I only have one, but I’m considering a few others.  It is never too late to start, and I’m very happy that this year I’ve accomplished many of my goals, and I have more that I want to do.

    1. Here’s my favorite planning book – (yes, I’m a fan of her work). This book has kept me dreaming all year long.  I am getting better at looking at my written goals often.  This is so powerful and I highly recommend it.  I bought the eBook and printed three months at a time, and it was wonderful.  I understand that her eBook for this year isn’t being sold right now.   BestYear2014 Goals book by Lisa Jacobs  The new one for 2015 should be coming out soon.  Frankly, I cannot wait.

    2. Are you just a Creative person? – I’ve heard about this book, and am curious about it.  See it for yourself?  It could work for you.  Why not?  This could wake up the child inside and get you to ROAR into the world.  Leoni Calendar

    3. Weekly Planner by Tools4Widsom – This looks like a wonderful Calendar and Goals Journal. This has it organized in a way that it has landed on my Wish List.  Goals Planner 1

    4. Woman’s Success Planner – This one is from October to December 2014 and it’s so tempting to get it. Womans Success Planner - Oct-Dec2014

    5. InnerGuide 90 Day Goals Planner with Your Life Coach In A Book – The temptation to get this was overwhelming. Do you want a life coach?  Are not ready to spend $1,000?  What about you just really want to spend some time with your goals in life?  This calendar looks just fantastic…. Try it and see…  Your Life Coach 90 Day Goals Planner

  4. Obsessing over the Schedule to be more Productive– This one is still a work in progress. Have you ever sat down at the end of your day and just said ‘where did the time go?  I have xyz and 123 things that I still need to do!’  If you are there, I’m so there with you, on the same boat paddling to find out the secret that will work for me.  What I am doing about it, is implementing one different thing a week to increase my productivity.

    1. Less TV – I love TV. I also love my DVR. I am not a slave to any one show, and I’m amazed on how much time is spent watching that machine.  I’ve gotten so much more done when I turn off the TV and record it to be watched later.  With Netflix, YouTube and other ways to watch it later… I don’t have to watch anything Right Now.

    2. Less social media Social Media NutOh don’t look at the screen that way, and don’t roll your eyes, I love Facebook and Instagram just like the next folk, but it can really suck you in. One day, I set up my timer, and said, I’m going to check Facebook for a few minutes.  I updated the Olubunmi Creations Facebook fan page, then I sent out a few promotional tweets to some of my jewelry, then I checked a contest that I was running, then I checked my wall, and an hour and 15 minutes later I came out of my Facebook trance.  I had watched, cute , sad, funny, real and OMG videos.  I had read many updates, and responded to some folks — and then my laundry still wasn’t done, and the dishes weren’t done, and it was getting late.  If time is being sucked away from, try to limit this.  Do it as a test only and see what happens. 

  5. What am I doing to make more $$$$? – I am sure that I am not the only one that wants some extra cash. We all do.  I could sit there and complain ‘I don’t have any money for this’, ‘OMG I really want to get that bag, but I can’t…’ or ‘I don’t have money for anything!’.  I decided that complaining about it isn’t going to help me, and decided that every day I must do something that will help to generate income.  Why not?  Why should there be a stigma that any Artisan is a starving artist?  Why would the community let this happen?  Aren’t we all entitled to thrive and to get ahead?  Why should the big names be the only ones to make money?  Do you have financial issues?  Here are some thoughts.Control Your Finances

    1. Work on my financial goal every day – One of the biggest changes is to look at my financial goal every day. It shifts my mind into already achieving my goal even before it gets to me.  This change has also made me happier because I try to make my days more grounded, and also towards my personal and financial goals.

    2. Write down everything – Write all of your debt, and financial issues down. It is easier to take a look at things when they are right in front of you.  Yes, you could an excel spreadsheet if that is your thing.  This one can be an eye opener.

    3. Talk to your friends and family for advise – You’d be surprised what knowledge is right around you. Please, don’t ask your broke friends about money though.  The advice that you get may not be the wisest.  Someone might refer you to a good accountant, or to a good book to help you move forward.   I’ve opened up with my goals, and then more resources have opened up. 

    4. Look online for trainings and work – Right now the market is really tough, so being well trained and knowing what is out there can really help. I look online for training on business, or learning my craft.  If you are looking for training, and have access to the internet then you can have access to so many resources.

      1. Look for a promotion within your company – A lot of times I speak with people and they don’t go for promotions or other positions right where they work. Big mistake, the best thing is to go for something where they already know how awesome you are.

    5. Slim down the spending – Okay, this one, I’m very guilty of, and I am working on this. The advice is sound and it comes from many sources.  Do your best to live within your means.

 There are many books, blogs, sites, and workbooks that can help you be awesome every single day and help you be more than just Good Enough.  Why would you want to just ‘be’, when you can be awesome every day!  Remember when you were a little kid, and dreamt on being that superhero?  Or you dreamt that you were going to fly to the moon?  Remember that feeling, when you would close your eyes, and you knew that it could happen?  It really could!!!!  As adults we have forgotten that dreams can come true if we work on them every day.  With a little bit of planning, we can all there.  Here’s a call to Action from YOU.  Where are your goals?  Write down your Top 5 on how you are going to be more than just ‘good enough’ in the comments below.   Want to speak to the community?  Why not!  Then click here and go to the Facebook page and let’s chat there!  I can’t wait to hear how you are working on being your Awesome self!  Be Bold

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