If I knew that I could not fail, I would…

We spend most of our lives dreaming.  Little girls dream of being the fairy princess who will be rescued by her handsome prince.  Little boys dream of being super heroes who will save the world and get the pretty girl – (the bit about getting the pretty girl depends on the age, some boys think that girls are yucky still.)  Having passed by the dreamy school stage, I wanted to have a little fun and think… if I knew that I could not fail, what would I do?

Dream Big!

If I knew that I could not fail, I would bring my business and grow it BIG.  I would take young people as apprentices and teach them this craft and then help them to make a good living doing something that they are good at.  When I went to college I went through a great course, and it was social psychology.  One of the things that really resonated with me is that poverty is much of a social issue, and if I could not fail, I would definitely want to put a big dent into this issue.

So if I knew that I couldn’t fail this would be the plan.

  1. Grow my business — BIG

    1. When the business is growing, what do you need? Well people of course.

  2. Hire good help and pay them well – if you treat your people good then they will be good to you. Seems logical but many businesses do not do this.

  3. Hire interns who will turn into apprentices.

    1. Focus on young people who have the drive to make it and especially who come from a difficult socio-economic background.

    2. Empower the apprentices and their families so that th Could you imagineey can know that there is another way.  That they can make things happen with their lives, for their families, and most importantly for themselves.

  4. Empower the staff with self worth. Could you imagine, working in a place that tells you that YOU are important?  That your work matters?  That making things with your hands, helping the Artisans in their work is important?  Imagine creating a company that completely goes against the saying ‘starving artist’?

  5. Empower the community at the same time — I’m not talking about community service every now and then. I’m talking various services extended to the families and communities of those apprentices.  Give back to your community

    1. Quality day care for the workers at a low cost.

    2. After school programs for the children in various communities – with access for the children of the employees if they don’t have access to it. (Do you know how many parents lose sleep because they don’t have adequate child care for their children?)

    3. Provide elder care at reasonable rates for employees. Yup, this is another one that worries many folks.

    4. Working with community to enable them to lift their businesses off the ground. A community that thrives is more proud and will work to keep their community clean, safe and just well kept.

  6. I would work with organizations across the country to have this model enhanced so that other companies can also do the same and provide for their employees and communities.  Bettering our world

  7. Once many low and middle income communities have improved their quality of life… then of course the world would notice. My goal would then extend so that other countries can do this to really enhance the quality of life of their people.   images (8)

Poverty enslaves many.  Many people make terrible decisions just to make ends meet.  Many young people think that doing illicit things is the only way out of their terrible environments.  Many parents are struggling just to provide for their children, families every day.  Many folks are juggling their bills just to try to make all of their payments and pay their rents and not have their lights turned off.  I would like to have a world that isn’t dog-eat-dog all the time.  Imagine a place where if you have a child, you know that your child will have a future, just because they know that they can.  images (7)

Perhaps if one company and another company and another makes a difference… then minimum wage will really and truly be able to sustain a person to make a decent living, and have a place to live and food to eat.  Perhaps if communities and companies work together, then we will truly begin to work with our young and give them a chance to strive for a future.  We could give a middle aged person who wants to go back to work after being laid off a chance.  Sounds a little Utopian?  Maybe… but this I know.  Money does help to make the world go around and if used with positive and philanthropic intent, then there is no reason why a person cannot make a really good living doing something that they love and at the same time teaching others to do the same.  images (9)

This really was a fun, fun writing session.  It broadened up my dreams in what could be if can be socially responsible with our Artists, their families, and the community.  What are some of the things that you would do if you knew that you could not fail?  Write your comment below and let’s continue your ideas through the OC Fan Page.  Have fun writing and dreaming… because that is the beginning!


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