Indie Biz Chicks inspires crafters

I wanted to share with all of you a site that I found with much inspiration for all of the business crafters out there.  There haven’t been many recent podcasts; however you can go to the site and listen to older podcasts for many ideas and encouragements. 

I love her interviews and I find that the encouragement is wonderful for the creative folk out there.  Click on the following link for podcasts of Indie Biz Chicks .  Their slogan is wonderful ‘For Women Who Would Rather Work For Themselves, Than Work For The Man’.  Many of us find inspiration and a push from our friends, and families, and this is a great place to find even more help.  I like the interviews with other artists who make a living with their craft!

The site’s blog is filled with many tips and I would to invite all of you to check them out.  If you like making cards part time after work, or making clay pots or whatever it is.  There is hope so that you can be on the road to working for yourself.  Check out their site for more information – Indie Biz Chicks, and a big kudos to them for inspiring us.

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