Inspiration At The International African Arts Festival

So our family went to the African Arts Festival today and man oh man it was really hot today. We ate lots of food and kept hydrated. Why go onto that festival? Well, the shower of color and patterns, hand made art is intoxicating. Any creative mind would definitely enjoy the wooden and metal artifacts, the natural medicines, the clothing and the occasional breeze that blessed. What I enjoy most are the people you get to see as well as what they so and create.



Here is a wonderful creative and spiritual mind who has decided to create. Come to find out that someone that we know has written a book Healing Across Dimensions. Here  she is with the book that she gracefully signed for us. 


Here’s a picture of her book cover.


I can’t wait to finish the book that I’m reading so that I can start this one. Now what does this have to do with Olubunmi Creations? Well I have been busy making a couple of urgent pieces for religious events and I’ve put some of my creativity in hold.  This event just gave me a boost, people like Julie Spooner who have made their dreams a reality.

Let’s support each other. Pick up her book, and shop from other entrepreneurs. I look forward to making more pieces inspired by the colorful and festive vibes of African culture. It was a great day.


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