Journey of a Custom Knit Hat

This has been a very busy week.  With the crazy weather that we have been having in New York, and the fact that lack of heat has been a factor for many… I got a custom hat order this week after reviewing a swatch with the client.  Have you ever wondered what happens to a hat that you have ordered?  Whether it is a custom order, or if it is just a wonderful item that you fell in love with that is custom made?   I thought that I would share with you this hat’s journey.  The knitting kept my fingers warm during the cold (blurrrr), and now the computer will keep me warm (hee hee).    Here is one hat’s journey.

I began to knit the rim, and although the design is custom for this client… I wanted to switch it a bit in order of making the hat a little practical as well. 

This hat’s main purpose is to match with her coat, but with hues of brown as her coat’s furry hoodie.  So, I used two types of yarn.  One is a wool and cotton blend, and the other is an acrylic yarn which I am sure that combined, they will keep her warm.  So, I continued

The rim of this hat was customized to insure that her locks fit on top of her head without looking like a weirdo with a pile of paper on top of her head and inside a hat.  I closed the hat in a soft rounded way and not so pointy.  The point of this hat when it was made was that it could give her several looks with the same hat.  She can round the rim and let her locks into her hat, or flatten the rim and have an extra warm and cozy ear warmers as well as a hat.  This is the outcome.

Here is a view of how roomy the top of the hat is.  Which is perfect for anyone who has long hair!

Ta daaa!  I hope that she lets me take a picture of her with the hat on.  Let me know what you think of this cool varigated look.  Feel free to leave me a comment below or to contact me.

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