Knitting Trade (part 1)

I am very excited to bring part one of this journey to all of you. If you knit, then you are used to giving away your precious handmade art to friends and family as gifts. If you have a knitting business, you are either making a custom order for someone, or creating something from your imagination and you know that it will interest one of your customers. Now this is the first time that I am having a swap with another knitter. This is so exciting. She is an expert sock knitter, and I laugh as I still am working on the first cuff of the first sock. (It’s been six months.) Having handmade socks are an absolute treat for me. What does she want? She wants a slouchy hat. She asked for some light colors, and I told her to pick colors for my pair of socks. I would like to share this hat’s journey, as it is going to a very special knitter all the way in California. This is the beginning of this hat. I have chosen a hat of different colors but staying in the light and creamy hue as its main color.

 I look forward to sharing with you this hat’s journey. I can’t wait to share with you the precious socks once they arrive. I think that it is wonderful when two artists get together to share with each other their craft.

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