Loomy Bunmi Flowers

I can’t adhere to a TV show watching schedule, so I love my DVR.  I had not watched some of the latest American Idol wonders and blunders, and decided that I wanted to watch the show.  I saw the Milwaukee show.  I was finishing dinner with my family, and I see this pretty lady wearing the cutest flower on her hair.  Then… like magic, a fire lit me up… and I just HAD to make some loomed flowers. 

First I started with this…   (It is a little blurry as my camera wouldn’t focus properly for this portion of the shot… No worries, this will be resolved soon…)  Anyway… I felt the springy blue in the air.. and started with blue.

Then, I felt that it needed something else… 

And now it was time to begin to seal the flower… These are some shots that I took to give you an idea of how much love and yarn went into it.

So in the needle went…

And then…. it of course has to have a great center…..  Why not add a cowrie shell?  Sure… responded my creative mind… and voila… this is what comes out.

I loved it so much that I felt that it had to be a model.  So the flower went to a photo shoot.

Then I felt that the flower was lonely… so…

I began to make it a friend…  and… here is the friend…

And of course, then the flower friend wanted to model too…  So who am I to say no to a cute flower?

I am so excited to share this with all of you.  I haven’t decided where they will show off their wonderfulness.  A hat?  A headband? a bag?  A scarf?

Let me know your thoughts.  You can leave me a comment below or contact me.

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