Losing my craft-hibitions

I didn’t post last week.  I know, but I haven’t been just resting.  I have been working on a gorgeous and super soft hat that is custom made for a very special person – a client’s mother.  She has seen every aspect of this hat from it’s thought conception… to the yarn quality.  It should be done this week, and I am sure that she will enjoy it.  (Yes, I know, I will be posting pictures very very soon.) 

Something happened!  I am really truly beginning to lose my inhibitions!  My Craft-hibitions I mean!  As I knit and work, I realized that crafters are not slaves to their craft… but to their creativity.  I meet many people who just do not do one type of craft, but many.  I know someone very close to me, that not only sews, but is a master at creating with beads, carving, and molding (just to name a few.)  Then, it occurred to him… ‘Olubunmi, why don’t you use that creativity in other venues?’  Who am I to argue with such genius?  I have had ideas for a long time on other things, not just knitting and sewing. 

Sometimes crafters feel that they must stay only in one type of crafting cocoon.  Is it wrong you are one of those crafters?  Of course not!  Some people can knit from dusk till dawn.  I am one that I need breaks, not only for my cute little fingers and muscles, but also a break in the repetitive action that my fingers do on a particular project. 

If you like to sew and draw, then why not?  What do you enjoy most, sewing one item from beginning to end? Or breaking things up in small projects?  I know a great crafter who has several crafts going at the same time, she has a pair of socks that is probably going on one year to make.   I laugh because I am still with my first sock (still on two needles and it’s almost 6 six months).  She tells me that she has certain crafts that fulfill a certain part of her, she has a particular afghan that she does when she is very upset, as it sooths her, she has a certain knits that she goes to when she needs to think about something as it is just repetitive and it doesn’t require much concentration on her part, then when she feels that she needs to focus for a bit, she jumps to her socks.  Sometimes crafting does more than just entertain you, it has many purposes.

I invite you to lose your craft-hibitions and create!  I will be posting some new items soon from my latest craft-hibitions loss!

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