March Flowers bring Spring Joy

I think that my creativity is really affected by the weather.  We have had a few sparks of warm weather here and there, and I decided that flowers would be ideal again.  And so they started until I had made one flower.

Then I was wondering what to do with that flower, and the idea kicked in that a pin would be IDEAL.  It is perfect to put into a hat, bag, or any other accessory.  Also, you can cluster them with different colors and re-arrange them differently if need be. 

Funny, when I first picked up the flowers without the cowrie shells, they felt as though I was picking up a bouquet of yarn flowers.  It was a great feeling.  Then seeing them in the basket as I was setting them up for the pictures, I noticed, that the sky is the limit on what you can do with flower pins. 

I know that I love knit hats, but do not always like a hat with a flower.  (Sometimes I feel like a flower, and sometimes I don’t.)  I think that these pin flowers can add that flexibility to any wardrobe. 

It is raining here today, but working on the flowers just keeps reminding me that warm and brighter Spring days are just around the corner.

At the end of the day, you end up with a basket full of flowers! 

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