Meaningful accessories to come

I have not been missing in action, but I have been embracing the time to do these.  By personal experience, we tend to wear things that accommodate our look, our persona and our beliefs.  Based on this, I have still been knitting.  (Knitting right now a very special capelet for one of my customer’s mother in law); however, the changing of the weather has inspired me yet again.

As I have written before, the coming of the spring has affected the inner creative wheel, and I see colors everywhere.  Where most people still see black and grey and the browns, I see blues, greens, gold and other vibrant colors that will be there at some point, or would look wonderful in that place (whatever place that would be).  

These colors then made me realize that spirituality can play a role in the creative wheel.  After some rain came down in our great big Apple… It didn’t take long for me to realize that these colors, and creative boost it connected to a higher power. 

Very soon Olubunmi Creations will launch a very special set of unique jewelry designs that are not only colorful, but also very meaningful. 

Very exciting stuff.  (And I promise to have pictures too!)

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