New Spaces – Yes, Changes are Afoot

Missed us?  I missed us too, but sometimes change is good.  We decided to have a new space and that transition took a while; however those changes are good sometimes.  I have missed the creative process; however…


What does a New Space mean?  Ahhh, this is a great transition.  A new space, means… more room from creativity, more room for new ideas, new materials, and new dreams that now have room to become a reality.

I know that it’s been a while, but frankly I’ve missed the process, and the creations have been creeping into my dreams, when I’m commuting, and it’s time to draw/sketch, to write, to make reality these creative forces that are making me dive into my Culturally Delicious self.  I love my identity of Latin and African roots, and frankly, it’s time for it to come back.  Especially because I find that someone’s journey into finding themselves, is by connecting with their roots, and showing that off with what you wear!

More to come!  As always, I’m still responding via our website, or through FaceBook, or Twitter.  Do you have a comment?  Of course you can leave that below….

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