Not lost, or MIA – Here is an update for you

Being quiet on the internet isn’t due to inactivity. There are so many things that I have worked on. Here is an update on what Olubunmi Creations has been working on these past few months. (I do need to be better at bringing my camera with me everywhere to share.) I designed and made a Shango mazo for an Ocha. It came out fantastic! (I’m a little jealous lol) I also got personal orders for a couple of new iyawos for white hats and kufis. I completed a couple of custom Shango ides as well, and other requests related to that ocha. It was a very busy time. I helped to do the custom outfits for the drumming on that ocha (traje de gala). The outfits were not designed by me; however I helped with the embelishment portion (big grin there – it was a lot of work, but worth it.) Again, I should have taken pictures of them, and I will just have to carry my little camera everywhere I go.

Please reach out to me if interested in iyawo hand knit and crochet hats, ides and mazos.

My latest project is all baby baby baby related. Expecting a new baby is always a blessing, and we are so excited for the new arrival. I have knit a few hats, and now I am working on a baby blanket for the baby. I hope to do some sewing as well. Last night I began to work on a nice maternity skirt for me, since I don’t have anything maternity wise to wear. It has been soooo busy and I am blessed. I hope to share a bit more with the darn camera. I did begin to take pictures of the making of my skirt. I don’t plan to sell those, but it sure keeps me busy when I get home from work. I also have new ides for African Orisha inspired jewelry in the works. Pictures to come soon.

Thank you for your support and your friendship!

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