Now that Black Friday is over…. Now what?

How did you cope this Black Friday? Getting Over Black Friday 2 As a business owner and a consumer, you well know that we just got over the craziness of taking and making orders from Black Friday and are still working on some of the custom items and requests.  I took some time off to spend with my family and it got me thinking.  Black Friday!  Small Business Saturday this, Cyber Monday, Green Monday Oh My…. Thanksgiving!  What does it all mean?  Also what will it mean for the upcoming year?

I ran my own Black Friday campaign this year with lots more purpose than before, and I noticed that my inbox also got many messages from all of the deals that I could get, and yes I did get some good deals for my loved ones as well.  However, during the long holiday weekend, I took time to be with my family….Family FunI watched the movie Frozen with my kids for who knows how many times over the weekend with the kids.  I danced to ‘Love is an open door’, and ‘Let it go’, and some other song with my toddler. I played the Wii with the family, and watched other movies.  My older child just watched the silliness going on, while munching on leftovers and I thought of…. ‘Man, I’m so lucky!  This is exactly what I am thankful for!  I’m thankful for the times that I get with my little ones.’  I’m thankful for so many things that even when my chips were down this year; I still found that I have much on my list to be grateful for.

I’m in the process of starting to plan out my year, I started to notice that a recurring theme keeps popping up.  My goals are big, small and interesting nonetheless as they are still goals.  One of the questions that I kept seeing is… Goal SettingWhat do you want to focus in 2015?  The question keeps coming up, and my answer is becoming clearer.  I need to have an Attitude of Gratitude.  I mean why not?  It shouldn’t be about just thinking of the things that I’m grateful for once a year, how about on a more regular basis?

It’s easy for people to complain about all of the things that are not working in their lives.  complainingYes it’s tough when things aren’t working your way, but why do they have to stay that way?  One complain just leads to another complain, and one negative attitude just harbors more of the same.  It’s a bit hard to get away from it.  You want to be a friend to someone, and they begin to ‘vent’, and that stems off to what is wrong with a situation, and they why, it’s wrong, and how much more wrongs there are.  It’s tough because you want to be a friend, and what happens?  It’s a downward spiral into Negativityville.

This got me thinking yet again.  How can I change this behavior in me and from theirs in the future?

I’ve heard this before === Have an Attitude of Gratitude.  Gratitude on a rockYes!  It sounds like cliché, but maybe there is something to it.  Maybe there is something more than just living life one holiday at a time.  I did notice chatter while I was out and about during the Thanksgiving holiday and heard folks saying to others, that they had to really think about what they were thankful for and what they were going to go with the usual during the dinner.  Hmmm, this is sad that we have to think about what we are grateful for.  Really?  Most of us reading this, have a place to sleep, and food on the table.

What can we do to keep actively counting our blessings?  Well, I’m a fan of journaling and a simple notebook that you keep by your bed will work.  You can find something fancier if you can afford it.  I know that Michaels’, Lot Less, and Walmart have nice little and big notebooks to tickle your fancy and not destroy your wallet.Journals Stacked

There are also the simple composition notebooks, and they work fine.

If you like something cutesy, you can download this cute free gratitude journal, just click on the picture to be taken to her site.  (Yup, you guessed it, I’m a fan of Leoni Dawson.)GratitudeJournalCover-376x5201

Do tell… What are some of the simple things that you are grateful for?  What makes you smile?  Of course…. You can leave a comment below, or go to my FB page and continue the conversation there.  If you are shy, then don’t worry, I totally understand, go to my contact page or email me at  Don’t be shy, and let me know your thoughts, comments or questions.



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