OC at Lighthouse International

Already three months have  passed, and life continues with many blessings.  I have some thoughts in mind regarding jewelry and sewing.  I have some projects that I cannot wait to begin, and I am glad to have a little more time of sunlight.  On March 2nd, there was a fundraiser event at Lighthouse International, in which many things were raffled and auctioned to raise money for the Lighthouse.  What is Lighthouse?   They are an organization who is devoted to helping people with vision problems in order to help them be independent, and truly improve their quality of life.  My aunt is a person who has always been very independent, from a world traveller, to business owner, and she was driving when women just weren’t doing that.  (Only the rich ones hee hee hee).  My aunt has always been an inspiration to me.  With the loss of her site, she hasn’t lost her spunk, nor her Gusto de Vida (zest of life).  I called them at the Lighthouse, and they were very caring, and really took care of her, her needs and frankly… I am very pleased with how they are working to help her become more independent. She is so cute, she even has a clock which tells her the time in spanish, and now it’s not ‘good morning at 4pm int he afternoon.  It’s funny how the little things make such a difference in a person’s life.

Remember the dream that I had which woke me up in the middle of the night and I had to create jewelry that I was dreaming about?  Well I grabbed a necklace and a bracelet and packaged it Olubunmi Creations style, and submitted it for that event.  It participated in many of the raffles.  If you were interested in a particular item, you would have to purchase tickets and put it in a bowl in front of the item.  I didn’t realize how much of a hot ticket item it was.  I was very happy to see the response that it brought on to people and how many of them wanted it either for their wives, or for themselves.  I am working on getting pictures of the event to post here.  It was an absolute joy to participate in the event.  I hope to participate further, as I can see what that organization can do for people.  Check them out by clicking on this link.

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