OC’s Top 5 for the Summer of 2011

The summer is almost over.  It has been a wonderful summer (a hot one too!)  The summer was very busy, not only gathering materials for up and coming crafts, but also gathering materials.  Here are my Top 5 from what my summer came to this year. 

5.   Bike Riding around town.  It did not make my number one, because I don’t like riding my bike when the humidity is so bad that you can’t even breathe.  I did take a few nice pictures when the flowers were beginning to bloom.  I took pictures of ponds and of birds.  This summer I decided that the most important thing for a cyclist around the city is to follow ALL of the rules of the road.  I don’t think that it is fair when people are walking absentmindly across the street and they have the light, and a bike swooshes by them.  It isn’t safe for the biker, nor the pedestrian.  Since I am both, I saw on hand how scary it can be as we almost got run over by a careless cyclist and we had the right of way.  CYCLISTS be KIND TO THE CITY!

4. Music is my helper.  This summer I took a time out to think about where my business and work are going.  I took the time to work in between these sessions, and I found that music is my biggest helper.  Depending on the rhythms, is how fast, slow, or concentrated my work will be.  I have worked to tunes that some folks will think I am insane; however it helped my hands move quicker!  I used to study with music when I was younger (my parents never quite understood that, but when I brought them A after A they stopped.)  I think that music can steer you in a direction that can be wonderful or bad.  I take great care in what music I purchase and what I play around the young ones.  I may know that this song has some not nice lyrics is just a song, but my little ones may take it to heart, and that is not good for any child (nor their parent, or their community).  The point is, that Music is a wonderful aid in helping you do tasks!

3. Learning is Key –  I spent time researching some techniques, and really finding out which ways work for me.  For example, I worked to learn the continental knitting style… and found out that not only I don’t like it, but it is clumsy on my hands and my work never comes out good.  While I commend those who can knit that way as it looks faster and efficient in many ways.  My hands haven’t been able to get accustomed to this style of knitting.  I did try, on a hat, and mittens, and there is a project that I began to work on which I still don’t know what it is (hee hee).  I decided that the English knitting way is for me.  It is a bit slower; however, I find it very satisfying on my hands, and I can easily correct errors.  I do envy (in the best way) the fastest knitter ever Miriam Tegels.  Check out this video to see her knit.  Perhaps I will dedicate next summer to try to learn continental and make it look right, but for now… English style it is for me. 

2. Jewelry Rules! I didn’t knit that much this summer; however I learned to make jewelry which I am proudly displaying on this site and also on my Etsy store.  I learned techniques on making necklaces that I always loved to purchase, and now I can make myself.  I learned earring making techniques from an artist who has been doing this more than 20 years! This has been the summer of jewelry.  And who doesn’t like the statement of wearing something artful, beautiful and meaningful to them?  Especially if it is made by hand???

1. Family time Rocks! This summer was very special to me, as I got to spend a lot of time with my family! I cannot tell you how much fun I have had.  From park outings and funny instances with the kids, to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.  My highlights of the summer were big community events which were shared with our family!  Those are fun!  We had several family outings, and that is always fun!  To watching Harry Potter the movie!  (I am still a fan, and I will always critique the movie people, but I realize that they can’t put everything in the book into a movie.)  I love spending time with family, and this summer that was my biggest highlight.

I am getting ready for the knitty season, and began a hat with a cute color combination.  (It works out in my head, lets see how it comes out!)  I will share pictures soon enough. 

Thank you for your encouragement, as starting a business is always hard, but it makes it easier when there are people who encourage you around!

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