Office Secret Santa 2011

There was gift giving at the office, and I toiled with what to buy, what to get, what will she like?
Then it dawned on me, that I could make something and it would be special in many ways.  Special because the item will be unique, and special because it was made specially made for her.  Then I wondered if what I made would meet the qualifications of the money allocated for the gifts.  That is when I realized… Not only does it
qualify but it also shows that if it were sold in a booth by artisans in SOHO it would cost $50 at least!

Armed with a new confidence about this gift that I was about to make, I reached into my semi-precious stones and brought out a beautiful focal piece made of…. Amethyst.  The stone symbolizes humility, spiritual wisdom, balance, courage and inner strength.  Why not?  We all can use some balance and wisdom in our
lives.  I picked up this great piece of tumbled amethyst, and began to work.
Purple is a very regal color.  It has always been associated with royalty.  What else is associated with royalty?  Ahhh yes gold!  Golden hues would make this pop!  Then, in a little cubby of my bead stash, I saw a few of these great glass beads with what… a wonderful golden painted mark on them.  Perfect…  Then I wanted to add some sophistication to the piece and added black to complete the ensemble.  What do you think?


Beautifully wrapped and ready to go!

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