Ohhh Mama!

I love people, love to knit, I love to sew, but most of all…. I love Mother Earth.  This Earth has sustained all of us and our ancestors for many moons, and what have we done?  Destroy it!  (Don’t feel too bad just yet though!)  Living in the west we may take many things for granted.  We must remember that the world is very big, and we should all count our blessings. 

Being an entrepreneur is a wonderful way to provide for my family, and also to share ideas so that our planet could be a little greener for our kids, and their kids.

Now you may be thinking (which I hope not)… Naa, it can’t be that bad.  And as you are throwing away that empty plastic water bottle which you took out of a plastic supermarket bag into the trash (I am hoping that you are not throwing it on the floor!) saving the earth isn’t even a thought.   (Feeling guilty yet?)

There is hope however; If we do our part a little at a time, then we will be able to do a lot, collectively.  

I saw the following show a while ago, and had forgotten about helping our Big Mama, and was recently reminded.


There are many ways to help. I will suggest two on this post.

  • Get re-usable bags to go to the supermarket.  (It might be a little inconvenient at first, but you can get shopping bags to fit your style, and all the stuff that you buy as well!)  My bags are so big that they fit three of the plastic supermarket stuff inside of one.    I purchased two sets of reusable shopping bags many years ago.  The bags helped to carry my family into a greener day.  (We still have them).   Many people would poke fun and they called me the Bag Lady when I would go to the supermarket.  Now I am not alone!
  • Have your own eating utensils!  (I am guilty of this sometimes.)  It is cheaper and convenient to have eating utensils that are just for you to use, and no plastic is being used, demanded for, and discarded.  I love this set, as it is durable, and lightweight; (although not a huge fan of the knife they give as it is dull.  It is wonderful to always have in your purse).  http://www.reuseit.com/store/togo-ware-repeat-bamboo-utensil-with-recycled-carrycase-p-1568.html   There are many other types that you can purchase.  I did give one as a gift that was Army and Navy style, and it comes in a small pouch, which is perfect to keep in the car, or your bag.  They come in a bag, and you can wash them at your place of business, or wipe them down in the car, until you can wash them. 

If we reuse, and have NO DEMAND for things that will end up in landfulls and really harming our own living environment, then big companies will have to change how they conduct business.

That is it for now, on the first episode of Lovin’ Mother Earth.  Let me know your thoughts, by leaving me a comment, or contacting me.

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