Olubunmi Creations Joins in the Fight to Stop Diabetes

Many of you may not know but Diabetes has touched my life in a very personal way.  Not only do both of my parents have it, but I was diagnosed this year as well.  You can imagine how very shocking this became to me, and how it turned my life upside down.  I am grateful for all of my friends who came to my support when I was diagnosed because Diabetes is a deadly disease which is almost an invisible disease.  It kills you silently, and when it shows up… it may be too late.  Your nerves may be shot, other body parts may be affected, you may be overweight or obese which will lead to other bad ailments, and the list continues.  I didn’t want to put amputations on this list, but that is a reality for diabetics if they don’t get their sugar under control.

The realities of Diabetes

A few colleagues of mine are spearheading this year’s walk and I want to help.  Read one of their messages below:

To my friends

I have been so surprised from sharing my story of my mother’s passing this year of so many of our EY family who also had a loved one that is dealing with this disease or has lost someone due to it.  Check out the following link of courageous stories fighting for the cure including some EY people you may know.  http://www.ospreywindsphotography.com

Many people are aware of this disease increasing blood sugar  but it is the effects of increased blood sugar that does the damage – amputations, high blood pressure, heart attack or blockage or kidney failure.  There is such a high percentage of people out there that remain undiagnosed.  Do you feel thirsty all the time, do you have to go to the bathroom frequently, do you fingers/arms/legs feel tingly.  If so, play it safe and have your doctor as part of your annual check-up or your next check up include glucose and A1C in your next blood work.

I was also surprised by the news last week that the artificial sweeteners that diabetes take to avoid sugar but still gain the sweetness may not be the best thing for you and could actually accelerate the onset of diabetes.  I guess I have to go back to Stevia. 

We are 35% of the way to our $15,000 goal.  We need your assistance in making a difference to building a healthy working world.  Please contribute in a number of ways

  • Donate at http://main.diabetes.org/goto/EYandFriends, select “join this team” and continue to register.

  • Spread the message above.

  • If you are in NYC join us on Saturday, October 11th in New York and walk with us or volunteer to help the ADA on the day.

Thank you for your support.


Diabetes affects

So… besides knowing and understanding the seriousness of this disease and urgency of this event, I would like to help.  Raising awareness and funds will help.

Call to Action…. Here is how you can help right now!

  • Help our EY Team by registering and donating through this link http://main.diabetes.org/goto/EYandFriends

    • Choose a walker – I work with Annette Smith and Shiva Goundar, choosing anyone of them will be wonderful!

    • Donate as much as you can, every little bit helps… Really!

  • Purchase anything from my store, and we will donate 10% of all proceeds made after this post will go to this campaign! Click here to visit the store!  Purchase with Purpose.

    • I will make the donation on October 11th – the day of the walk.

  • If you are in NYC… come out and support — step-out-logo

  • Share this link to all of your friends.

 I will be posting more information through social media, so be sure to follow…  What is your experience with Diabetes?  Definitely comment, and don’t be shy.  You know, that by you sharing, you could be helping others.  This is the first time that I publicly admit to having diabetes, but that will help the world to keep me honest!  Share with me… Together we can stop diabetes


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