Orisa Traditions Fun is HERE!

It took a while to get this up… Who knows why? Scared that it was too ‘kiddie’… or maybe the design wasn’t perfect…. One thing is definitely for sure. And that is that I’m happy to see that other religions and traditions have not only their spirituality down… but also all of their fun aspects.

I feel actually quite strongly that we are missing so much of that. We are missing the FUN aspect of that.

GUESS WHAT? After asking our Facebook Community…. one of the things that they asked for was…. puzzles. (Puzzles?) Yes…. Why not?

I remember that I wasn’t that great at crossword puzzles… As much as I tried… I had a tough time as a kid and adult (lol)… I eventually got better, but still….. not my jam. I would spend time finding those words in a word finder puzzle… because I knew that I didn’t have to guess anything and the word was there ‘somewhere’. Remembering that feeling… I sought out to begin with my first set.

To make a LONG story short… here you go…. The puzzles are here. Fun and affordable. Would you like to have yours?

There are 12 of them… 7 for adults and 5 for children… (but frankly… I’m a child at heart… so 12!) LOL.


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