Orisha inspired jewelry in the making

When do people decide to do something?  When they are tired of waiting.  There isn’t a handout to anyone, and I don’t expect them.  I do like a good deal, and I like feeling good when I am doing something.  Then it hit me… I love to knit… and I love making things that are inspired by something even bigger.  Thus started the line of Orisha inspired jewelry!  And why not?  Everyone has something that inspires them and pushes them to do something, to be something better, to strive for wonderful things… That is what the Ancestors and the Orishas do for me.

I sit and I look at my materials, and it seems like they start almost coming together on their own.  Call it ‘Divine Inspiration’, call it the African Muse… However here are some works which will be posted once they take their full photo op. : )

These earrings are made with glass and wood beads.  The main attraction of the earrings is the bead which is made of double sided cowrie shells and surrounded by beads.  The creation came from the inspiration of Baba Orunmilla and the Babalawos.  These are the colors of those who work with Ifa in the African system, and I have seen wooden beads be used for them as well.   I will add the links to the finished product once they are uploaded.


Then I felt like I wanted to go to the beach… and it hit me.  I had the perfect beads to greed the Mother of the Ocean and of all of the Orishas.  I created this set of earrings and bracelet, and I like that each of the big round beads is unique… just like the sea.  Click on this link to look at the finished product and for other details.


If that wasn’t enough… Then I looked around, and saw that a while ago I began to work with some new beads that I got… and didn’t know what I was going to do with these shell beads that I got.  And then… it hit me like a wave from the ocean.  I needed to make another one.  That is how this pair came to be.  Also click on this link for the finished pieces and for more details.


I wasn’t kidding with really moving up to the 21st century.  I am glad with sharing some of our works with you all.  I will be posting these to the store after they go through their photo sessions. Thanks again for looking and for the support of a new artist and business.  Many blessings to you!




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