Oshun Necklace Re-constructed

I love it when things go right! It feels good, and then sometimes things go wrong. What happens when things go wrong? You can either, brush it off, OR you can learn from them. One of my clients purchased a necklace set which I was told she wears basically every day. And then after one fateful day, one of the strands broke off. I said… OMG it did what? I told her that I would fix it for her no problem!
Then when I got the necklace, I looked at the pieces, the beads, and the wrapped wire, and my creativity began to flutter furiously. I decided that maybe the necklace needed a make-over. Now, this is what the necklace looked like before. The original Oshun Inspired necklace.

Beautiful right? I loved that set ever since I made and didn’t make another one like it. Until now.
I broke them all apart and completely deconstructed it.

First I decided that it should have one more strand. Originally two, and now three. I decided to apply a slight change of color to the back of the clasp. I changed the clasp to something bigger and bolder as the new piece was evolving, the clasp needed to evolve as well.

Then she told me that she loved her pendant a lot. I decided that it needed to be showcased a lot better.

And this is what it came out looking like. I will be taking professional pictures and posting them soon enough, but I wanted to share with you the progress on this gorgeous piece. This style is not only beautiful, sturdy, but absolutely stunning. I do hope that she enjoys this new Oshun Necklace Reconstructed!

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