Our Differences keep us….Together

I went to lunch with a scholar and writer.  We spent a lovely time eating seafood, and also talking about your artistic journeys.  She talks to me about her up and coming projects, and I spoke to her of my handmade world. 

She tells me that she has several projects in the making and how she is working each day towards these goals.  Her intellectual preparation and her drive just became clear to me…. That although we have different professional goals… We are very similar.

She writes, and I knit.  These among other goals just let me know how similar we are.  We both dream about our dreams.  We think of how we can share the fruits of our creations with the world.  Although we both have many responsibilities and our daily routines…. We both take the time to think about how it is going to be when we have reached some of our goals.  We both dream of the difference that we will be able to make to our families once we have achieved our definition of success.

Sometimes a meeting of the minds is just what we need to keep us focused on our goals. 

 writing the abby sweater pattern

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