Phenomenal Oshun inspired necklace set.

As an artist, sometimes what you put on paper as a design doesn’t really work when you put it together. I have done this necklace three times until the 4th time was the charm and it is exactly the way that I like it. I like the way that it looks. I like the way that it feels. I like its weight. And even better I like the way that it falls on the bust and looks on the neck.

Here it is.


Here is a closer look at the pendant wrapped in beads and I love the feathered look on it


Here at the earrings when they were  almost finished.


Of course I had to make a matching set a earrings, and I chose to make something that is lightweight on the ears and still looks beautiful. Check them out.


They are now ready for their photo op. I am very happy with how stunning this set looks.

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