She’s looking at you kid

I absolutely just LOVE stuff the Yarn arts; and artsy stuff (of course it isn’t the only craft that I enjoy; however….) I just love it!  For a very long time, I find myself just looking at what others are wearing.  .  I haven’t been able to ride my bike to work due to our crazy winter weather lately.  At first I was a bit sad since I haven’t been able to get my mental break and physical exercise with the bicycle.  Well everything is a great opportunity right?  Sure it is!

I love going to the train station and just looking at what others are wearing.  Some things are just so pretty that I wind up staring (hopefully people don’t think in a creepy way).  When someone is looking pretty grumpy (check out this blog post about grumpy faces in NYC trains), I look and I wonder if the that cool scarf and mittens set is store bought or not.  Some items just look home-made, and I love their character and I tend to smile a lot because of it in the trains.  From that great beret that a lady wears, to the cutest little cowl that a kid was wearing recently in the train, street, etc.  I find that looking at what others are wearing, just fills me with inspiration. 

My husband asked me if I want to just do hats and scarves and bags!  I said ‘NO!’ there is a world of opportunity on the wonderful things that can be made.  Sure, that sometimes, only a couple things will be made because of an inspiration hit, but that is just the beauty of it all.  Making something by hand and whether it was inspired by what someone is wearing, or a picture or just a thought… is a wonderful art!

By my lookin’ at you kid…. I will then get inspired and show it to the world!

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