Special work dedicated to the Goddess of the Sea.

At this past Yemaya Festival, I received a special order request. It is for a necklace with jus one earring  (not a pair.) Since I aim to please I agreed to the work.

I had an idea in mind to take her path of Yemaya and make something in her honor. She tells me that her path is Okute, and gave me two shells. One for the earring and another for the pendant.
So I started with this…

Yemaya Okute pendant in progress

Then it got to this…


I’m going to hang the shell as a pendant in between the red beads on the bottom. I’m thinking that it will come out nice.

What about that sole earring? Here’s what I have so far…


Well..  These projects are keeping me quite happy as it allows for creativity when it comes to the Goddess of the Sea. I will post the pictures of the finished product as soon as they’re done.

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