Stuck on the creative?

Have you ever been revved up to either go home and work on that project that has been sitting there and when you get there… life takes over and you just don’t?  It is a now a project that stays there for yet another day, two, week (s), months?  You are not alone!  It happens to all of us.  Unless you are super duper organized, then it happens.  You may have an idea and you have every intention of going with it, and then… when it is time, the motivation is l-o-s-t.

 Below I drafted some thoughts to help the creative you come out and play.

  •  What activity do you do that promotes relaxation and well-being?  (This one you may already know the answer to, or it would be good to rediscover it.)
    • Is it reading?  What kind of books?   
    • Do you need a long shower/bath to detach from the bad days that creep up on you?
    • Do you need to walk around for a good half hour to decompress when things are down and out?
    • Do you like music?  What types of music do you listen to?  Do they change your moods?
  • What do you do during or after your ‘relaxing activity’?  A good feeling activity will usually bring out a good feeling action right afterwards.

Once you have figured out what emotes a positive reaction, believe me you have then won half the battle.  What do you do after this activity?  Do you feel like dancing after you hear a certain song?  Do you feel like writing? Do you feel like drawing?  Whatever you feel, make it a point to try it.  It is tough to try something new as our lives are already very busy.  But try it over a weekend, and see what works for you.  Once you know what could work for you, then it will be easier on getting things done.

For me, music brings out ‘happy go lucky’ feelings for me.  If I am having a challenged day, I know what songs I can hear to pep up my mood, and after discovering my love for yarn, I can then work on my creative world and not be stuck. 

This is great for me to then listen to those ‘songs’ and work on my baby hats that still need pompoms, and that great scarf that is midway knit and still needs to be finished.

I hope that the tips help!  Now go on and finish the small DIY project in your house you have been avoiding, finish knitting that great lace shawl, organize that cabinet you have been dreading, and do it feeling absolutely fabulous and be creative with those tasks.  You are more productive when your state of mind is already in creative mode!

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