The Birth of Positive Vibes

Blah or Positive

I’ve added a new section to this blog which I hope that you will enjoy!  It is called Positive Vibes….

Spirituality and Attitude go hand in hand.  I used to live on a positive roll however… I started to hear things from folks that weren’t quite positive, that it was just hype and to live in the ‘real world’, and sadly I listened to them and decided to go with the masses and just live day by day and frankly wound up with blah…

Imagine… we are supposed to be wonderful beings filled with hope and then live out to meet our destiny.  We live with our magical and beautiful traditions that are supposed to help uplift us to new levels and I was in a state of Blah?  Really?

It was time for a change…


After some meditation and soul searching, my spirit came to the realization… that I just couldn’t create the pieces that I loved most…. because my heart and soul weren’t there, I wasn’t alive on the inside and I wasn’t connecting to the world that surrounds us.  I needed to connect; I needed something to pull me from Blah… to Blazing Alive…. and thus the new Positivity Line was born.  (The name is still pending… but really I don’t know what else to call it).

There is no doubt that the love for Orisha is there.  There is no doubt that the traditions are there for us…. but what happens when you disconnect spiritually, or disconnect in your relationship, or disconnect with your children, or disconnect from your job… or disconnect from life…. what to do?  I realized that a few points of consistent action began helping me with all of these… a little at a time… then a little bit more… and then in crazy mode… (Crazy happy, crazy good!).  I decided, that if I found it helpful for me… then maybe others would find these helpful as well.

Here’s an example…. Indecision.  Sometimes, I wonder if a decision that I am about to make will be a good one.  I doubt myself… and then I don’t want to mess up, and then I have different inner arguments on why or why not to proceed… and then… what happens?  I don’t do anything!  I am stuck!  Then I think… ‘uh oh, you see?  I don’t make good choices!’ This spirals downward and it’s hard to climb up.  I began to tell myself… ‘My Ori (Higher Self) guides me to where destiny lies’.  —- Don’t believe me?  Imagine this… I’m cooking dinner… and I can’t make up my mind on whether to make rice or pasta, and then I would think…. this is why I can’t make this (important choice/decision)…   So I began saying this out loud… My Ori guides me to where my destiny lies…. and sounds cliche…. but I began making choices….  (It was rice by the way)…. and then another choice, and another choice….

I wrote this saying down… and now I see that having a visual cue… can provide the push that is needed to get through, obtain, and maintain a positive path to walk through Life’s Journey


As I changed a few things from my daily life… I noticed that Positive Vibes were affecting me in a good way; from pouring more love into my work and pieces, and then more creativity was in the air which started to also pour into my work.  Actually, that was a by-product…. these small changes started to affect how I reacted to my daily life, work, and even on my threshold of annoyance (lol).

The birth of Positivity Vibes

After some of these positive changes started to infiltrate my mind, thoughts, creativity, relationships, then I thought…   It would be so nice to have that constant reminder near by… so that I can see close and remind me of my goals when I have a moment of weakness.  After all we are all human, and we have to constantly stay with something in order for the impact to truly shine through…. Which is why I began to stamp into metal the words that can evoke so much power and positivity.  (More on this to come.)   Wanna see some of these?  Have you been following me on Instagram and Facebook?  I’ve been posting a few of the works in progress…..  Definitely check us out there.

To be or not to be…. that is the question… 

I’m sure that you’ve heard the saying you are what you eat.  Tell me who you are with, and I’ll tell you who you are…. You are what you feed your mind….   You’ve heard these right?  It is with these concepts in mind that the Positivity Line was born…  It’s important to have constant reminders of what you are thriving for… Having something that is wearable and visible is really helpful.  The mind is a powerful thing and it will encode itself to get you to where you want to go.

Let’s keep the conversation going!

Have you seen some of the new pieces?  What do you think?  How has a small change changed your life?  I want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly.


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