The difference between a Mompreneur and a Big Business

What pray tell is the difference between a Mompreneur and a Big Business?

Here you are, clicking and checking to see what is going with Olubunmi Creations… and you may wonder.  Why no postings?  I like some of her jewelry, but why is she not doing this or that?  My favorite one… ‘Why hasn’t she called me?’, and a common one… ‘Why doesn’t she post like Blogger Person ABC?’ Well here you go…..

I like this definition of being a mom-preneur…

I love making jewelry, and designing (I’m sure that you know that)…. but I also love my family.  I still hold a full time job, and have other fun demands.

A typical week day will have some of these on the agenda…

  • Wake up
  • Make my lunch for work
  • Make sure children have lunch for school
  • Get dressed and make sure that they are dressed
  • Work at j.o.b.
  • Get home and eat dinner with the family while listening to kids on their fun daily activities or complaints — (quickly listen to the complaints and rants from dad on what truly happened lol.)
  • Cub Scouts – Yes we do this and love it!
  • Put dishes away and deal with home activities and or kids
  • The dog ate your what? —- ‘Well you shouldn’t have left it there?’
  • You broke what? ——  (thoughts – can I replace this without anyone noticing?  Can I fix it so that it works properly?  Can I afford to get another one or get it fixed?’ — In a house full of boys… this is common… )
  • Go to bed (really…. I can’t even stay up past 10:30pm anymore)

So…. what does this mean for me and for the shop?  Simple… I took inventory of the hours that we are given (168 in a week)… and decided to carve out more time to do what I love.

Now I rise no later than 4:45 a.m., and I create, create and create.  I don’t go to Facebook, I don’t go to Twitter… I just sit there with my tools and materials and I create.

(You must be like WHAT?) You do what?  Waking up at the crack of dawn? — Yup!  You got it!

Getting up at the crack of dawn…

I love my job, and I love my family and they already have time permanently carved out in my schedule.  So?  What to do… what to dooooo!   Get up early that’s what!

I find that when I get up early I get during the week at least a good solid hour and 15 minutes of quiet uninterrupted work – (on weekends, it’s more! Yayy!)   Not even our dog cares what I’m doing up so early.  It’s dark outside, and it’s me and my motivational videos, or work focus music!  I get to look at each piece carefully, with fresh eyes (literally), and now I get to crank out one of the joys of my life, which is creating spiritual and positive pieces!

So… what is the difference between a Mompreneur and a Big Business?

Mommies have to take care of husbands, babies, and even rub booboos on dogs, while big businesses sit in meetings on how to get more money.

Mommies have to clean the house, sweep, vaccuum, mop, load dishwashers, wipe messes, while big businesses have janitorial staff who can ‘take care of that’.

Mommies have to pay bills, go grocery shopping, check out to see if this is the best rate for phone, tv, whatever … while big businesses have ‘someone who can take care of the finance’.

Mommies have to go shopping for birthday gifts for your kids’ friends’ birthday parties, husband’s family, their own kids, nieces, and nephews, and other friends…. while big businesses have administrative staff who can ‘take care of that’.

I can continue, but I’m sure that you get the gist.  Mommies who start their own business, do it because they LOVE it.  Really!  Not one mom that I’ve met who has started her own business does it because she has oodles of time to just put into a little business… but because they love their craft, creations, skill, etc.

I am hoping that after reading this you will appreciate the work that comes from a mommy-preneur and artist… because honestly, it’s made with love.

Let’s chat more about this….

Do you have a business?  Do you want to start a business?  Do you purchase from businesses owned by moms? What has your experience been?  Any other thoughts?  I’d love to hear from you.

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