The family that Beads together…

In New York we have had a day of unseasonally (yet welcome) warm weather.  No scarves, hats, and bulky coats.  What has this done to me?  I just keep day dreaming of Spring and Summer.  I keep thinking of the colors, the soft cottony and flowy fabrics, and the warmth of the sun’s rays on the skin.  I even had an euphoric moment thinking about the sea, the sand, the beach, the waves, the rocks, fish, and the breeze combined with that salty healing smell that walking along the beach brings.  So, I had to do something!  What did I do?

After getting home, and having dinner and family game night (yes, I believe in family days, and family activities) then I wanted to make some jewelry.  My husband decides that he wants to do it as well.  As he is teaching me new techniques, we started to work on jewelry together, and then our little one chimed in that he wanted to do some beading too.  Who am I to say ‘no’ to such a loving request.  So let me paint you a picture.

My husband is sitting on his chair next to his lovely coral reef, salt water tank.  I am sitting either next to him on the couch or on the floor (I move a lot), and our son is beading on the floor (and mind you he made a HUGE mess with real glass and wooden beads).  My husband and I kept working on our projects and showing each other what we did, and my son would bead a creative design with beads, and other props that I didn’t even imagine that would work together (like clasps, wood, and jump rings (hee hee), and would ask… “Daddy! Mommy!  Look!  I did it!  What do you think?”  Of course we would say, ‘this is wonderful!  Beautiful! Creative! What an artist!’  And every now and then he would ask again.  All of this while watching kiddie shows and American Idol (which had to be paused during our concentrated jewelry making sessions of course.)

When we were done, we had several pairs of gorgeous earrings (soon to be posted to the products page).  I did however decide to keep one pair just for me.  (I will post this picture very soon).

The adage is very true – The family that beads together, stays together.  Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below, or feel free to contact me.

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