The Home Made with Love Business

The decision to go into business for yourself is a very personal.  It is as personal as the scents you wear and the brands that you buy.  I had a meeting today, and I had a talk with someone who has been in business for 45 years!  (Wow! 45 years!)  I spoke with him about business and he tells me that he is asked to be a speaker at events, and the biggest question he gets asked is…. ‘what does it take to be successful?’  I smiled, because I am new in my business, but heck yeah I want to know if he has some secrets… He paused in for a moment and says ‘If you cringe at the thought of working 365 days a year, 15 hour days, when you are sick… then go and get a job’.  I understood his words, because I see myself working on my creations for a long time.  I see myself meeting new people, and truly creating a family oriented world for my children.  I see teaching them how to create their own world that is only limited by their imagination. 

Some stores may not have the flashiest of sites; some stores may not have a multi-million dollar giant backing them up; however when it is handmade, it is handmade with much love and skill.  Each piece comes with a story.  Each art piece is a fruit of some muse of inspiration.  We can shop from the cheapest factory made places…. and that is fine.  However, one can be sure to treat themselves to the reviving art-form of the handmade.  Made by someone, who has a name, a story, and has made your accessory with much care. 

Home made … is the Business of making things with lots of Love!

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